Green Acres Farm, on which Hopkins Farm Creamery is nestled, has been owned and operated by the same family for four generations. Grandfather William Hopkins started the present location in 1942 after separating his dairy farm business from Great Grandfather Alden Hopkins, who started the orignial dairy. Walter C. Hopkins, Sr., the son of William, took over the farm, and now works side-by-side with his son, Walter C. (Burli) Hopkins, Jr.

Burli's Dad came up with the idea for an on-farm creamery, and Burli took it and ran. Hopkins Farm Creamery opened in 2008, and hopes to develop plans to build an on-farm family-friendly Dairy Farm Education Center. Burli's goal is "to help people gain a better firsthand understanding of how dairy food products are actually produced, and how they get from the farm to supermarket shelves."


     Hopkins Farm Creamery is in the heart of Green Acres Farm, locally known as Hopkins Dairy, which is the largest dairy farm in the state of Delaware.  

     Green Acres Farm maintains over 1,000 head of cows (500 “milkers”) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. Our Hopkins Henlopen Holsteins are milked three times a day, 365 days a year producing over 12 MILLION pounds of milk per year! Green Acres Farm milk is shipped immediately to Land O’ Lakes for pasteurization, processing, packaging and distribution.

We love our Hopkins Henlopen Holsteins and they love us back!

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We seek to provide our farm visitors and customers with the freshest ice cream made from the finest milk and cream ingredients on all of Delmarva Peninsula. We seek to constantly reinforce the importance of the agricultural underpinnings of our State and national economy in our efforts to further the farm and food processing education of the youth communities we serve. We seek to maintain the core values of family, community, service, and the protection of rights for the animals that sustain and enhance human life.